Refund Cancellation Policy


There are no refunds for gift certificate purchases or services booked using a discount coupon. However, we give a 100% refund if the cancelation for the service is 12 hours before the scheduled time or if you have the option to reschedule it.

Appointment Arrival Time Windows

If you wish to be present during the cleaning visit, please be advised that we provide arrival windows of about 3 hours, such as between 9.00 am – 12.00 pm or 12.00 pm – 3:00 pm. Many things can affect our schedules, such as cancellations, lockouts, etc. If we happen to be running late to your appointment you will be contacted as soon as possible and provided with a new expected time of arrival.


Although it’s not necessary to tip our employees it is encouraged and of course, the best way to say job well done!

Lock Outs

A full amount of the job (100% total amount) fee will be assessed in the event that our cleaning associates arrive and are unable to access the premises. Our technician has 15 minutes waiting for windows and will try to reach the Customer by phone, email, or text messages. This fee is in place to cover expenses we incur for lost travel time, schedule damage, and fuel cost.

Credit Card Fee & Taxes

We never charge credit card payments fee. But we collect sales tax when applicable.

Additions and Amendments

Any changes to the Service to be provided must be agreed upon by Okami Cleaning prior to the Service Time. If the Customer requires any additional services or variations at the time the Service is being performed, the Customer must first contact by telephone, who may agree to provide the additional services at its absolute discretion. The technicians are authorized to agree to any changes to the Service being provided. All additional services may not be provided on the same day (appointment time) various to the available technician schedule.

No Engagement of Cleaners

The Customer acknowledges Okami Cleaning invests significant resources in recruiting, selecting and training its Technician. Unless Okami Cleaning gives prior written permission, the Customer must not, directly or indirectly, engage, employ or contract with any Technician to provide domestic services to the Customer or any associate of the customer for any period during which services are provided by Okami Cleaning or for a period within 12 months after the conclusion of any Service. The Customer acknowledges that Okami Cleaning may suffer loss and damage, including, without limitation consequential loss, as a result of a breach of this clause by the Customer. Okami Cleaning makes you liable for a $25,000 employment referral fee. By using our Services, you agree to notify us of any attempts to solicit or accept illegal services. If you breach this Section, attorney, legal, and miscellaneous expenses incurred to investigate and/or collect this fee will be added to your employment case when discovered. Please note that exchanging contact information is considered part of a breach of this Section.

Direct, unreported, or inappropriate employment practices, unless they comply with the law, are illegal. Okami Cleaning is obligated to report illegal hiring activities. Implication, complicity, or withholding knowledge of illegal activity is not only prosecutable by Okami Cleaning, but also generally under United States federal, state, and local laws.

Payment Terms

The Customer agrees to pay the price quoted by Okami Cleaning in full prior to or at the Service Time unless otherwise agreed in advance with Okami Cleaning. If no payment has been made by the Service Time, Okami Cleaning will use reasonable endeavors to contact the Customer for payment. In the event that Okami Cleaning cannot contact the Customer or payment is not made by the Service Time, the Customer will be deemed to have canceled the Service, and the Customer must pay any cancellation fees. Payments may be made via credit card.


If a Technician fails to attend the Premises within 1-hour of the Service Time and does not provide the requested Service, Okami Cleaning will provide the Customer with either: a full refund of payments made by the Customer; or offer to reschedule the Service at another time mutually agreed between the Customer and Okami Cleaning.


The Customer acknowledges that any information provided by the Customer may be used by Okami Cleaning for the purpose of providing the Service. Okami Cleaning agrees not to share any information provided by the Customer with any third party not directly involved in the provision of the Service (unless required to do so by law). The Customer agrees to Okami Cleaning communicating with them electronically and/or via other means in order to provide the Service or for reasons related to the provision of the Service. Okami Cleaning will take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information provided by the Customer from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

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